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“Winterization” or “seasonal storage”, both terms refer to the same idea : camping season is over and you have to properly store your RV in order to protect it from winter threats.

  • Empty all water tanks (fresh & hot water, black water, grey water)
  • Set water heater bypass valves to the winter position in order to prevent antifreeze from entering the hot water tank. Turn off the element. It should never be heating on an empty tank.
  • Open up all faucets to let water flow as much as possible. You can then use compressed air if you want to make sure that the pipes are thoroughly drained.
  • Disconnect the inlet pipe (the one that comes from the fresh water tank) from the pump. Then, use another pipe that goes from the antifreeze gallon to the pump.
  • Turn on the pump and open up one by one every faucets and water outlets until antifreeze comes out of it.
  • Turn off the pump and slowly open a faucet to reduce pressure in the pipes.
  • Go outside, locate the city water inlet and push on the anti-drain valve while the pump is on. It should allow antifreeze to flow out of it.
  • Pour a cup (300ml) of antifreeze in each sink, and a pint (500ml) in toilet and bath drains.

He voilà! Your RV is now ready to face the worst winter!


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