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The arrival

The trip went well and you are finally back home. Here are some little tips to help you store your RV until your next adventure!

  • When you arrive, plug the RV on 110 volt to recharge the batteries;
  • Take out all the personal belongings (clothes, shoes, bedding, table linens, towels, tablecloths, etc.);
  • Empty the refrigerator and the freezer (and the cooler). If necessary, clean inside and all the surfaces. Make sure to let the doors open to avoid smells;
  • If it’s warm and sunny outside, dry all wet and humid items (rug, awning, folding chairs, etc.);
  • Airing out the RV by letting the windows open;
  • Do a complete or partial clean up of the RV (dusting, countertops, bathroom and floors);
  • Empty the water tank.


Once everything is done, you are ready for your next trip. We wish you some amazing discoveries and a lot of great memories!


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